Nationwide Nursing Shortage Affecting Healthcare

Nationwide Nursing Shortage Affecting Healthcare

Nationwide Nursing Shortage Affecting Healthcare

Though nursing is one of the fastest growing occupations in the country, it is experiencing a nationwide nursing shortage affecting healthcare. CEO of the North Carolina Nurses Association, Tina Gordon, explains that the baby boomer population is so much larger than the X, Y and millennial generations. The baby boomer population is retiring and in need for nurses, but many of those skilled nurses are a part of the retiring baby boomers.

If you are drawn in by the healthcare industry and looking for a new direction, now is the time to consider a career in nursing. The “whole country is facing a chronic nursing shortage,” says Jared Brumbugh at Public Radio East. Rural areas in North Carolina are tremendously affected by the nursing shortage due to nurse retirement and scaling down to part-time nurses. North Carolina healthcare facilities are starting to provide sign-on bonuses, relocation packages and new residency programs to incentivize post-graduate nurses. Various programs are being offered to new nurses from twelve-month long residency programs to extended orientations under highly-trained coaches.

Not only is there an experienced nursing shortage, there is also a facility shortage. Qualified nurse applicants are being denied to school because there isn’t enough capacity to be able to teach the future nurses. There aren’t enough nurses that want to work as an educator, they can receive a higher compensation by working in a clinical setting. Dr. Sylvia Brown, Dean of ECU’s School of Nursing tells Public radio, that “people ask me all the time, what are we going to do about the nursing shortage? We’ve really got to go out and encourage some more people to become nurses. Well, that sounds great but truthfully, we have lots of people today who want to be nurses and are qualified to get into nursing school, but the space is not there.”

There currently isn’t a fast and easy solution for the nationwide nursing shortage, which will cause issues in the future, including re-hospitalization. Many healthcare employees are brainstorming ideas to avoid having this issue and turning the nursing industry around. To read more about the nationwide nursing shortage visit Jared Brumbaugh’s article on Public Radio East here.


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