Miss America Contestant Kelley Johnson is Not Just a Nurse

Miss America Contestant Kelley Johnson is Not Just a Nurse

Miss America Contestant Kelley Johnson is Not Just a Nurse

A career in nursing is not easy; it is a demanding job that requires compassion, dedication and many skills that are not easily learned. Miss America contestant Kelley Johnson proves that she is not just a nurse. Johnson opted for a monologue representing her career during the talent portion of the competition. She demonstrated through her inspiring words that there is no such thing as being just a nurse. She described her experience with her Alzheimer’s patient who reminded her that being a nurse is a talent that should not be taken for granted. Nurses take care of people and they deserve a voice and recognition. Johnson’s pride as a nurse went viral on social media platforms resulting in an online movement.


Nurses, patients and healthcare professionals around the world have come together in support of Johnson and the nursing profession. Through the hashtags #NursesUnite and #Nursesmatter, the nursing community has expressed pride and showed the world why there is prestige in being a nurse. Nursing ia a profession that saves lives. This has sparked a conversation that many have been quick to show support of online.

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