Why Recruiting Nurse Leaders is your Biggest Problem

Why Recruiting Nurse Leaders is your Biggest Problem

Why Recruiting Nurse Leaders is your Biggest Problem

If you work in the healthcare industry, you’re well aware of the challenges of recruiting qualified medical professionals. Recruiting nurse leaders who are qualified is even more difficult, because many of the problems within the nursing field become more acute at a higher level. Developing nurse leader talent requires years of nurturing promising younger nurses, so finding qualified professionals can be hard during current nursing shortages.

Few Lower Level Leadership Opportunities

In order to develop the skills to lead within your organization, nurses need mentorships and opportunities to take on smaller projects. This requires savvy leadership from past nurses and administration so future leaders can be created. There may not be enough nurse leaders in your local applicant pool who have the qualifications to lead your larger projects.

Lack of Nurses With Advanced Education

Having a bachelor’s or master’s gives nurse leaders the education foundation necessary to lead. Baccalaureate-level education is linked to better patient outcomes and reduced mortality rates. A 2013 study found that only 61 percent of nurses have a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, your pool of possible nurse leaders with advanced education is limited to approximately three out of five nurses.

Administrative Structure Discourages Leadership

If you find that you interview several promising nurse leaders but you lose them to other job opportunities, your administration may be to blame. Talented nurse leaders are drawn to medical organizations that give them true opportunities to make a positive impact. Your organization should make sure that nurse leaders have the ability to offer feedback on important facility metrics, are rewarded by the administration, and feel that the organization sets aspirational values and goals. There should also be opportunities for staff development and growth led by nurses.

Poor HR Recruitment Practices

It’s essential that your human resources department knows how to attract the caliber of nurse leaders your medical organization needs. With demand outnumbering the supply of nurses, it’s important that your HR department knows how to effectively recruit and understands how to put together a competitive compensation package.

Current nursing shortages are only expected to get worse as the current nursing staff ages out of the workforce and the baby boomer generation continues to age. Understanding the factors that make hiring nurse leaders difficult will give you more insight into successful recruiting practices. It will also give your facility the incentive to begin developing nursing leadership from within your own existing staff.

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