Tips for Nurses Relocating for a Job

Tips for Nurses Relocating for a Job

Tips for Nurses Relocating for a Job

In the process of job searching, often times we find that the best opportunity may be in another state. Whether you prefer to move for personal or professional reasons does not change the fact that moving states can be quite the burden. Here are some tips for nurses relocating for a job to keep handy if you find yourself in this situation.

According to our most recent nurse placement data, about 68% of our candidates moved states for a new job. Of those nurses 58% were offered some assistance from their new employer for relocation. Each employer will be different when it comes to paying for your relocation. This added incentive to a job offer is typically used to cover the hard costs like a moving company, initial travel and some new home expenses. If this is something you are interested in, it is important to bring it up at the right time. It would not be smart to ask for covered expenses at the beginning stages of the interview process because it may seem greedy, or depending on the market, they might have enough interested candidates where the incentive is not needed to get a great hire. The best advice is to bring this up to your third-party recruiter and they can advise you on the best opportunity to negotiate incentives. But be careful to read the fine print, most contracts will require you to stay a certain period of time or you will have to pay back any additional monies you received upfront.


Before considering a job in a new state, it is also important to consider the licensing requirements. Some states (25 to be exact) participate in the Nurse Licensure Compact, which allows nurses to have one multistate license, with the ability to practice in both their home state and other compact states. If you are moving between states who participate in this program, that makes moving a whole lot easier. If not, you will have to research the licensure process and most likely begin applying prior to securing a job offer.

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It is important to consider both costs and employment requirements prior to considering new job opportunities in other states. Our best advice is to keep an open mind and do your homework. If you are having a tough time finding an opportunity where you want, consider exploring other cities or towns. Once you figure out the most important factors for your professional happiness, then taking the steps to achieve those goals will become much easier.


If you are interested in learning more about state license requirements for nurses or more data on what job offers include, reach out below. Our quarterly placement infographic shows the most recent compensation and first year offer data for multiple types of nursing professionals and we can also give you guidance on the processes for state licensing across the U.S. Contact us today!

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